‘Don’t Feed The Fatberg’ Poster Competition Winners


The winners have been chosen and prizes distributed for NI Water’s annual school’s poster competition ‘Don’t Feed the Fatberg’. Pupils from schools across the country submitted their ‘Wanted’ posters depicting their own sewer ‘Fatbergs’ which are formed when congealed fat and grease poured down the sink, combine with wipes flushed down the toilet.

Northern Ireland Water’s Outreach and Learning Officer Anna Killen explains:

“When fat, oil and grease (FOG) solidifies in the sewers it prevents wastewater flowing through the pipe, and often causes a blockage.  The same goes for other inappropriate items such as wipes.

“This year pupils have created some fantastic posters, helping us spread the word that everyone can help to keep the sewers flowing by not putting their FOG down the kitchen sink and only flushing the 3P’s pee, poo and paper.”

Pictured is prize winner Charlie Kerr Primary Five from Cooley Primary School and Charlie’s prize winning poster


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