Lisburn and Newry City Centre Traders Call for End of Paid On-Street Car Parking


Retail NI, Lisburn Chamber and Newry Business Improvement District have jointly called upon the Infrastructure Minister to put an end to the on-street car parking charges in the two city centres.

The business groups are calling for the same one hour free on-street car parking schemes which other local towns and cities successfully operate.

In a joint statement Retail NI, Lisburn Chamber and Newry Bid said:

“For too long Newry and Lisburn city centres have been at a competitive disadvantage to other town and city centres because we have paid on-street car parking and they do not”

“Shoppers and visitors have said that a quick visit to other town centres without the hassle of finding spare change is welcome and hassle-free. The one-hour free on-street car parking still ensures that there is enforcement, the turnover of cars and will be no issue with congestion”

“Now that we are preparing to reopen our city centres, this measure would be a much-needed boost to our retail and hospitality sectors and help on the long road to recovery. Our three organisations will continue to champion choice for the shopper, should this be public transport, walking, cycling and of course by car”

“We are extremely disappointed that the Infrastructure Minister has refused not just to meet us, but has also refused to even agree to a review of on-street car parking in Newry and Lisburn”

“Even a six-month trial of free one-hour on-street carparking would be helpful”

“We would urge all Newry and Lisburn elected representatives to rally round and support our campaign for this common sense change”


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