Retail NI Appalled at New Lockdown


 Commenting on the Executive’s decision to close non-essential retail, Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“The Executive has made a decision which will kill small businesses, rather than the virus. Christmas has come early for Amazon”

“This appalling decision will be a hammer blow to our already struggling high streets and for thousands of independent retailers forced to close at the most important trading time of the year. Tens of thousands of jobs and small businesses are now at risk with this ill-considered move”

“To make matters worse, this move will allow large supermarkets to continue to sell clothing while forcing independent retailers who sell these products to close”

“In next week we will see a huge rush of shoppers to our high streets which clearly will not help with social distancing”

“This ill-thought-out move will be absolutely devastating for our economy”


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