Retail NI Comments on Parking Enforcement Resumption


Commenting on the Infrastructure Minister’s decision to resume parking and bus lane enforcement on 29th June, Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“While we accept that parking and enforcement needed to return at some point, what doesn’t need to return is the overzealous approach of the parking enforcement officers in handing out excessive numbers of penalty charge notices”

 “Our town and city centres are at a very delicate early stage of recovery and the last thing they need is traffic wardens going over the top with tickets for shoppers who use their cars. The only winners from this are the large out-of-town supermarkets, which have free car parking and no traffic attendants”

“Retail NI wants to see a new start with sensible and fair enforcement of car parking and bus lanes and an end to the excessive strategy we saw before the pandemic”

Glyn Roberts 07515710517


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