Retail NI Comments on Executive Covid Relaxation Decisions


Commenting on the Executive’s decisions to relax some Covid-19 restrictions, Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“It is to be welcomed that Click and Collect, which hopefully will provide a much-needed lifeline to those struggling independent retailers, is at long last to be restored”

“However, these relaxations fall very far short for our local economy with no reopening dates at all for non-essential retail, hospitality or close contact services. Why is it the Scottish Government can give dates for these vital sectors to reopen, yet our Executive cannot?”

“Non-essential retail should have been given a date in April to reopen alongside immediate preparation to ensure our high streets have Covid-Marshals and public hand sanitisers in place to limit virus transmission and reassure consumers”

“This is a bitterly disappointing decision which lets down thousands of struggling small business owners and their staff”


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