Retail NI Expresses Dismay at Lockdown 3


17th December 2020

Responding to Lockdown 3, Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“It is profoundly disappointing that the Executive has had to take this course of action because of non-compliance of individuals and households with the Covid-19 regulations. This non-compliance has not only driven up transmission of the virus, but has now effectively shut down our economy”

“Make no mistake – this third lockdown will result in a tsunami of independent retailers falling and thousands more jobs being lost with permanent damage done to our local high streets”

“Independent retailers selling clothes, books and toys will be forced to close their doors without even a click and collect option, while large supermarkets will remain open selling those same products. Where is the fairness in this?”

 “It is also extremely concerning that many businesses are still awaiting financial support payments from the last lockdown. The Executive must work night and day to ensure that payments are made without delay to impacted independent retailers and small businesses”

Glyn Roberts 07515710517


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