Irish life sciences company announces rebrand to Lynoslife as it continues to scale


23 November 2020: Cosmetic Creations, the Irish life sciences company, has today announced it is rebranding to Lynoslife. The announcement comes after three years of sustained growth for the company, focusing on its service offering of developing and delivering products in the health, wellbeing and cosmetics sectors. 

Commenting on today’s announcement, CEO Aiden Corcoran said: ”We are so excited to finally be announcing our new name and brand identity, Lynoslife. The name Cosmetic Creations has served us well but we are continuing to expand our health, wellbeing and pharmaceutical products and services, adding value to how people feel, look and live. As an Irish life sciences company with world-class capacity, technology and expertise, we needed an updated brand that truly reflects who we are. 

“Since we took over the helm of the company in 2017, the business has continued to evolve. We expanded our workforce from 30 to 120 in the last three years alone, increased our product and service offerings, opened a second facility in Cork and launched our own brand, Airmedica. By mid-2021, we will also have invested a total of €1.5million over 18 months into our Mayo and Cork sites, further increasing our adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice and enhancing our output capacity, commercial marketing and ecommerce capabilities. The next year will see us continue to scale, as we expand through strategic acquisitions in the health, pharma and cosmetic sectors as well as launching another owned product.”

The announcement comes one year after the company officially opened their Cork facility in the former Yves Rocher plant on the north side of the city, following an investment of €7.5 million. In March 2020, the company launched Airmedica hand sanitiser in response to increased demand due to the pandemic. Made in Cork and Mayo, used by the HSE and available in most national retail outlets, Lynoslife increased production of the hand sanitiser to at a maximum 350,000 units a week. 

Mr Corcoran added: “It has never been more important for the Irish market to have access to home-grown products they can trust, whether that is hand sanitiser, skincare or food supplements. All our products are formulated by our experienced team in our state-of-the-art lab, stringently tested to ensure quality and performance and manufactured in house. As well as leveraging our strong international supply network, we are committed to using Irish suppliers where possible. Our Airmedica range, for example, uses over 90% Irish ingredients and packaging.” 


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