Irish Olympian Shane O’ Donoghue Launches Belgian Performance Coaching Company In Ireland 


Today, September 23rd, 2020 marks the launch of corporate performance coaching organisation Mentally Fit in Ireland. Irish Olympian and international hockey player Shane O’Donoghue along with coach and mentor Graham Merriman have brought the first ever franchise of the Belgian company to Ireland. Shane is Ireland’s all-time leading goal scorer and through his career he has had many reasons to celebrate but has also come up against setbacks, disappointments and failures. These moments are when mental strength, preparation and tools have been key to turning things around, and this is what led Shane to a career in personal development and coaching off the field in a corporate setting. 

Mentally Fit was originally founded in 1996 by Alain Goudsmet as an international coaching institute which specialised in human energy management for individuals, teams and organisations. The programme delivers coaching and workshops inspired by top sports and validated by science and applied to the corporate world in pursuit of excellence. Since 1996, Mentally Fit has worked with a range of highly successful global companies including Nike, Adidas, Deloitte, Heineken, PWC, and Subway.  

Having worked with Mentally Fit for the past two years while playing professional hockey in Belgium, Shane has returned home to embark on the exciting journey of bringing the company to Ireland. In these testing times for organisations both across Ireland and the world, now more than ever individuals, teams and organisations need support, inspiration and leadership.  

Speaking ahead of the launch, co-franchise owner Shane O’ Donoghue said “There is a great understanding and appreciation in the value of human performance coaching in Ireland. Through these testing times, we all need some level of support and guidance to help build resilience, manage our energy and perform to the best of our abilities. During my international sporting career of 10 years and counting, I have experienced the highs and lows of both domestic and international tournaments including the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. I am a firm believer in the science behind Mentally Fit and I am really looking forward to seeing some amazing results for Irish companies similar to what has been seen in Belgium and across the world over the past 24 years.” 

Mentally Fit is based on the principles that enhancing performance can occur at three levels; individual, team and organisational. Every individual holds potential and through building a trusting relationship and coaching the personality rather than the individual, that potential can be unlocked. The performance standards of the team is made up of the individual strengths within the team and when these strengths are aligned, it is extremely satisfying. Every team is unique and different but the internal standards, behaviours and expectations of one another is what strengthens the bond thus improving the performance levels. Finally, organisational success derives from the clarity in the vision, growth mindset and supportive leadership. Coaching from the top down helps create the optimal environment for continual improvement, high level success and the freedom to learn and develop. 

For more information on the work Mentally Fit do, click here. 


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