‘Customs Procedures for the Haulage Operator’ training


Designed specifically for people working in the logistics and transport sectors needing to update their customs knowledge in light of the dangers posed by a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

This course will showcase the important role played by transport operators in the logistics and supply chain sector and demonstrate the importance of being Brexit ready in order to remain competitive.  Participants will learn about customs in a holistic manner in order to understand and appreciate the various customs stakeholder’s motivations and to be better placed to have a strong working relationship with customs officers and other relevant government agencies e.g. Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Revenue resulting in more efficient operations and satisfied customers.

Course Aims & Objectives:

  • Equip participants with the tangible skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake a sustainable working relationship with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Assess the potential consequences of Brexit on Irish haulage operators e.g. tariffs and border disruption.
  • Encourage deeper appreciation of the role and potential of the transport function in the international supply chain.
  • Analyse the role of the transport supply chain as a tool to realize competitive advantage for Irish traders in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Course Schedule:  2 x 3 hour Zoom sessions

Delivery Method:  Live online webinar via Zoom


  • Session 1 – Wednesday 22nd July from 8-11am
  • Session 2 – Friday 24th July from 8-11am

Members:  €285 per person

Non-Members:  €325 per person


On completion of this course a certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants.

Participants will also have access to FTA Ireland knowledge and expertise post course to ensure maximum results are achieved.

For full course overview and bookings see https://www.ftai.ie/customs-procedures-for-the-haulage-operator


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