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Vodafone Ireland launches latest devices in Smart Series – Vodafone Smart V10 and Smart N10  

Vodafone Ireland today launches two new smartphone devices, Vodafone Smart V10 and Smart N10. The latest additions to the Vodafone smart series collection boast impressive features at attractive price-points. 

Vodafone Smart V10

–       Available free on bill pay or €149.99 on PAYG the Vodafone the Vodafone Smart V10 boasts an expansive 5.9” HD+ teardrop notch design, with a 19:9 edge-to-edge display that allows users to enjoy a big screen experience in a compact, easy to hold size. Graceful curved surfaces in a polished, satin metallic finish create a sophisticated clean appearance typically found in higher-end smartphones.

–      Users can capture all their memorable moments with a 13MP & 5MP auto-focus dual rear camera and an 8MP front-facing selfie camera. 

–      The Vodafone Smart V10 delivers a lightning fast, reliable performance with 3GB RAM, a Qualcomm quad-core SDM429™ processor and the latest Android™ Pie™ operating system. With 32GB of internal memory and an additional SD card slot up to 128GB, users can keep all their photos and videos close at hand while a 3400 mAh battery ensures users can stay connected for longer.

Vodafone Smart N10

–       Available free on bill pay or €109.99 on PAYG the Vodafone Smart N10 includes an impressive  5.7” HD+, 19:9, notched, edge-to-edge display, allowing users to enjoy a big screen experience from their favourite apps and photos. An iridescent coating on the boldly faceted back enables dramatic light-shifting hues, while aluxurious finish provides a confident grip for everyone. 

–      Users can confidently capture and preview video and picture content, with an 8MP auto-focus rear camera and 5MP front-facing selfie camera.  

–      The Vodafone Smart N10 delivers fast, reliable performance with 2GB RAM, a MediaTek quad-core MT6761 processor and the latest Android™ Pie™ operating system. With 16GB of internal memory and an additional SD card slot for up to 256GB, there is plenty of space for photos and videos while a 2900 mAh battery ensures users can stay connected for longer.

Both devices support portrait mode, on front and rear cameras allowing users to achieve a depth-of-field effect, blurring the background while keeping the subject in focus. The front facing camera also supports Face Unlock, allowing quick and easy access the device. 

The new Vodafone Smart series is designed and tested by Vodafone in Europe to give Vodafone customers award-winning, world-class design, the latest technology, and uncompromising quality at the best possible price. 

The Smart V10 and N10 come with a suite of advanced parental restrictions and smart safety features created especially by Vodafone, so that younger users can explore and enjoy their device safely.  

  • Parental Controls – Vodafone’s device-based Parental Restrictions allow parents to disable, restrict access or set time limits on apps, social media and games for their children. Eye safety features include the ability to remove blue light from the screens, as well as the option to disable the display with a proximity-warning message when a child’s face gets too close to the screen. Lastly, Force Ring also gives parents the ability to call their children at full ring volume – even if the child’s phone is on silent.  
  • Smart Safety Features– Giving peace of mind, Emergency Mode allows users to quickly and easily call the emergency services by seven quick presses of the power key, or via the power key quick access menu. Users can easily share their journey with selected friends or family, via a conveniently placed shortcut to the Google Maps™ ‘Share Location’ function on the home screen. Lastly, ICE emergency contact and medical information for a user can be provided for first responders from the device lock screen.
  • Help & Support – giving users an intuitive, accessible Android™ experience straight out of the box, including the ability to change the font and display size in the setup wizard.  Help Tips highlight useful features and functions during the first few days and weeks of usage, and the ‘Tips’ application provides interactive tutorials and advice on new device features for novices, parents and the elderly.

Langer, Jean-Christophe, Head of DevicesVodafone Ireland said: ‘The Smart V10 and Smart N10 are excellent additions to our product offering. Both devices are equipped with the latest features at attractive price points, meaning our customers can stay connected with the latest technology, in-house quality and design. ‘

The Vodafone Smart N10 and Smart V10 are now available on and in Vodafone stores nationwide. 

The Vodafone Smart V10 is available free on bill pay or €149.99 on PAYG.

The Vodafone Smart N10 is available free on bill pay or €109.99 on PAYG.


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