Xilinx Technology Is Playing A Role In Combatting The Coronavirus


Adaptability is a word that we use frequently at Xilinx. It’s a word that holds more meaning today than perhaps ever before. The Xilinx family—our employees, our valued customers, our partners, —have defined adaptability and flexibility during this trying time. We’re doing everything we can to support our greater community as we navigate this rapidly-evolving situation.

I, especially, applaud our customers in the healthcare industry for their swift response to adapt and supply their equipment to the many hospitals around the world to help save patient lives. I’m also proud that our technology, which powers millions of medical devices, including some of the most critical equipment—ventilators, patient monitors, respirators and patient ICU beds—can play a role in combatting the coronavirus.

In late January, we were able to turn on a dime and supply China’s largest medical equipment maker, Mindray, with thousands of Spartan-7 devices to power patient monitoring systems in Wuhan. At this very moment, we’re also working to support some of the largest medical suppliers in the US to supply critical technology to test and treat COVID-19. To our valued customers and partners, thank you for your trust in Xilinx and know we will always stand by you and meet your needs.

I also want to take a moment to recognize the strength and resilience of the Xilinx employees for stepping up to the challenge, delivering on the commitments to our customers, all while caring for their families and loved ones who have also seen drastic changes to their everyday lives. I could not be more honored and prouder to be a part of this amazing team.

On behalf of Xilinx, I want to thank the doctors and nurses—and everyone on the front lines—for their bravery and dedication during this global pandemic. These are truly challenging times. As we come together to address this challenge head-on, I am inspired by the power of the human spirit. We are all in this fight together.


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