Cycling Ireland Launches Four-Year Strategy


Cycling Ireland has today published its new 2020-2024 Strategic Plan and vision of Ireland, an island enriched by cycling.

The strategic plan sets forth the sports ambition from grass roots to elite level and encompasses cycling in all its forms. From road and off-road to track and BMX, from competitive and leisure to cycling as a form of transport, all under the guidance of Cycling Ireland.

Cycling is at the heart of many communities and the inclusive nature of the sport, one which caters for people throughout the cycle of life is central to the delivery of our strategy over the next four years.

Cycling Ireland’s vision will be delivered under three pillars.

Participate: We provide opportunities for Irish cyclist of all ages and stages to fulfil their aspirations and potential.

Perform: Our cyclists deliver international success to inspire the people of Ireland.

Enable: We create the environment for investment of resources in the development of cycling.

This approach has been developed following a productive consultation process and will see stakeholders work in harmony towards our shared vision of an island enriched by cycling, with more people riding their bikes, Ireland’s elite athletes winning on the world stage and sustained investment of resources into cycling.

While originally intended for publication in early 2020 the strategy has been amended so that Cycling Ireland is well placed to meet the challenges presented by Covid-19.

Chief Executive, Matt McKerrow commented;

“The plan we’re publishing today sets out our vision, aspirations and priorities for the next four years. We’d like to thank the many members of the cycling community as well as our funders, sponsors and wider stakeholders for their input into the development of the plan, which we see as a guiding document to align and unite our efforts to develop the sport into the future.

“Whilst we’d set our vision of ‘an island enriched by cycling’ long before the pandemic currently facing us, Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on our way of life like never before. It is our aspiration that cycling, and Cycling Ireland by association, will play a key role in enriching life in Ireland – whether it’s through improving the mental and physical health of those who cycle; providing inspiration with medal winning performances; or through the other societal benefits of cycling; such as the environmental benefit of active transport; the sense of community building provided by clubs, events and facilities; and the benefits to the economy generated by cycle tourism.

“It is an aspirational 4-year plan, and we look forward to delivering it in partnership with our community and stakeholders.”


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