Grim Day for High Streets with Debenhams Set to Close – Retail NI


Commenting on the likely closure of Debenhams, Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“These few days have been amongst the worst our high streets have ever seen, with Arcadia going into administration and now the closure of Debenhams. Our thoughts are with their staff and families as they face an uncertain financial future so close to Christmas”

“The share scale of the loss of these businesses to our town centres and high streets will be difficult to calculate and sadly we are going to see a lot more independent retailers fall in the next few months”

“My real fear is that we will now see a domino effect of retailer and after retailer closing and that process will be extremely hard to reverse. The Executive now faces a huge challenge ahead to address this emergency and needs to consider a ‘Marshall Plan’ financial package to save our local town centres and high streets”


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