‘New now’ for employees encourages more collaborative workspace


As a result of changing attitudes to workflow and the traditional office space now under threat, Glandore have predicted that businesses will progress to working and operating with a more hybrid business model , where one or two days a week will be spent working in a collaborative space,  and the rest of the week spent in a more structured environment in an office or remotely.

A collaborative workspace is a hybrid space consisting of a breakout space, meeting room, office space or presentation space, an area where a group of people can work alongside each other in a collaborative and productive way.

Glandore’s Marketing Manager Rachael Kelly said the company have been listening to the needs of employers over the last number of months and have adapted accordingly:

“As many of us are working remotely at the moment, spaces like the ones we currently provide are perfect for getting teams together on a weekly or monthly basis. At Glandore, we have specially designed breakout areas and flexible spaces to cater for any individual business team.

“While working from home can be ideal in some situations, meeting with your team in person is extremely beneficial for exuding ideas and maintaining a balanced workflow. We all need designated workspace to join forces and here at Glandore we have exactly what you need to set up something unique for each member of your team,” she added.

“The beauty of collaboration spaces is that you can tailor the space to suit your day to day needs. The word collaborate means to work jointly on something. Whether that is sitting at one table developing on an idea and then sharing it with the wider group in a presentation area or presenting new ideas to your team to generate buy-in,” she concluded.

As some employees will maintain that they haven’t had issues with workflow, this then begs the question: Why do you need a shared, flexible collaborative workspace?

Ms Kelly continued: “Communications can be adversely affected over digital mediums such as virtual calls or emails, and can often come across conflicting. Collaborative working environments reduce this conflict by reconnecting teams and generating new ideas. The is no substitute for the energy that is created when sitting down with your team in person and building ideas for the future.

“Glandore offers a wide range of flexible collaboration spaces for all types of projects. Whether it’s a space just to meet to catch up and have lunch, or to set up a brainstorming session and need a white board and an area to map out your accounts to date – whatever it is, Glandore have all your needs covered. “


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