WorkEqual campaign to mark Ireland’s Equal Pay Day this Monday

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The WorkEqual campaign will mark Ireland’s Equal Pay Day this coming Monday, 9th November. According to the campaign, Equal Pay Day falls on 9th November this year due to Ireland’s current gender pay gap of 14.4%.

To mark Equal Pay Day, WorkEqual will release a special online video on Monday, featuring over 20 Oireachtas members speaking about gender equality and voicing their support for the campaign. An online panel discussion will also take place – on the topic of ‘Why Understanding the Pay Gap is Key to Gender Equality at Work’. Contributors will include:

  • Sonja Yr Thorbergsdottir, President of the Icelandic Federation of State and Municipal Employees;
  • Laura Jones, Research Associate at the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership;
  • Andrew Brownlee, CEO of SOLAS, one of the headline sponsors of the WorkEqual campaign;
  • Emma Kerins, Head of Policy and Public Affairs with Chambers Ireland;
  • Senator Ivana Bacik; and
  • Professor Michelle Millar, Dean of Students at NUI Galway and academic advisor to the WorkEqual campaign.

Commenting today (06.11.20), Sonya Lennon, founder of the WorkEqual campaign, said: “Equal Pay Day is the day from which women in Ireland effectively work for free because of the gender pay gap. Across the workforce, women persistently earn less than men. Equal Pay Day – and the WorkEqual campaign overall – is about highlighting and challenging the reasons for this.”

The WorkEqual campaign is sponsored by Permanent TSB and SOLAS. A series of WorkEqual panel discussions are running throughout the month of November. Further information is available at


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