97% Of Ryanair Flights Arrived On Time In July  90% Of Customers Rate Ryanair Excellent/Very/Good


Ryanair today (5 Aug) released its July customer service statistics, which demonstrate: 

  • 97% of July flights arrived on-time 

Ryanair also released its July ‘Rate My Flight’ customer experience scores, which show 90% of nearly 54K respondents rated their flight ‘Excellent/Very Good/Good’, with high ratings for crew friendliness (94%), onboard service (91%), range of food & drink (84%), and boarding (88%). 

Rate My FlightExcell/V Good/Good
Customer Experience90%
Crew Friendliness94%
Onboard Service91%
Food & Drink Range84%

Ryanair’s Dara Brady, said:

“Ryanair Group Airlines carried over 4m customers in July, and we are pleased that over 97% of our flights arrived on-time.

Ryanair operated at 40% of capacity in July and will operate at around 60% in August. These additional seats will allow more friends and families to get that well deserved Summer holiday in the sun and allow people to return to work.

We’re delighted that 90% of customers surveyed (nearly 54k) who have been flying with our new health and safety guidelines rated their Ryanair flight in July as ‘Excellent/Very Good /Good’ using Ryanair’s Rate My Flight feature, which allows all customers to provide real-time reviews of their flights via the Ryanair app and email. We welcome this feedback, which encourages us to continuously improve our customer service. This is particularly important feedback during these times of Covid, when we are regularly assessing the effectiveness of our new health and safety measures and as we continue to work with our people to ensure our guidelines are followed.”


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