Longford Forest to open from 13th July


We’re thrilled to announce that all villages will be reopening from Monday 13th July 2020.

After an almost four-month closure due to the global coronavirus pandemic, we cannot wait to welcome our guests and staff back to the forest. We were initially planning to open a little later in July, however, with the Irish government roadmap coming forward this allows us the opportunity to open earlier.

In line with government guidance, you will see some changes to the way we do things once we reopen. Our team of experts have reviewed everything we do, right down to the smallest detail, to make sure we’re keeping you and our staff as safe as possible.

We know many of you are looking forward to some family time away following lockdown and our aim was always to open our forests as soon as we felt prepared to do so. As we’re sure you will expect, when we first open, some facilities won’t be available as certain areas of our business are complex and it’s going to take us a bit longer to get these areas ready to reopen. We plan to review government guidelines on a regular basis and open additional facilities as and when we feel we can. 

If you’re planning to visit 13th July onwards the information below may help:

How will I know what to expect on my break?

If you make a new booking for 13th July or you already have a booking 20th July onwards, we’ll make contact directly via email no later than one week before your break to let you know what to expect and which facilities are available.

What options do I have if I have an existing booking?

Breaks: 13th-17th July, 17th-20th July, 20th-24th July, 24th-27th July

We really hope you’ll make the decision to continue with your break, we’ll contact you no later than one week before your break to let you know what facilities are available.

The Subtropical Swimming Paradise and Aqua Sana will be closed for our first four breaks. If you choose to continue with your break we’re offering a refund based on the size of the accommodation you have booked:

1 bedroom lodge – €100

2 bedroom lodge – €125

3 bedroom lodge – €175

4 bedroom lodge – €225

We understand if you do not wish to visit Center Parcs without the Subtropical Swimming Paradise and other facilities, therefore we’re also offering €100 discount if you wish to move the date of your break. Please note that if your new break is lower priced, we will still offer the discount and refund the difference. If your new break is higher priced, we will again, apply the discount but you would need to pay any outstanding difference.

You may of course take a full refund if you wish to do so.

All guests on the above breaks will receive an email shortly with a form to complete which will inform us of your choice.

Breaks: 27th July onwards

We’ll contact you no later than two weeks before your break to let you know what facilities are available. Don’t worry we’ll still offer a change of date or full refund if you’re not happy with the range of facilities and activities available on your break.

Will the Subtropical Swimming Paradise and Aqua Sana be open?

The Subtropical Swimming Paradise and Aqua Sana will be closed for our first four breaks (13th-17th July, 17th-20th July, 20th-24th July, 24th-27th July).

These are the most complex areas of our villages and we’re continuing to take advice and work on how we can open.

If you’re visiting 27th July onwards we’ll update this page once we know when these facilities will be open. We’ll also contact guests individually on all dates no later than one week before their arrival date to confirm what facilities are available.

We’ve enhanced our cleaning

You’ll see a lot more of our Housekeeping team during your break – they’re carrying out regular and enhanced cleaning in central areas, as well as accommodation preparation.

You may also notice that some small items are removed from accommodation to help reduce touch points and prevent the spread of the virus.

Arrival and departure times have changed

We’ve changed our arrival and departure times to give our team more time to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned and ready for your arrival. We’re now asking you to arrive no earlier than 2pm (with access to accommodation from 4pm) and to vacate your lodge by 9am (leaving the village by 12noon).

We’re no longer taking cash as a form of payment

To help minimise the risk of spreading the virus, our villages will not be accepting cash.

Takeaway and restaurants

We’ve introduced new takeaway menus for a number of our restaurants. We’ll also be offering contactless lodge delivery options.

You will be able to enjoy a meal in our restaurants, but we will have fewer seated guests to adhere to social distancing.

You will be able to place your order for lodge deliveries and make restaurant reservations in advance. You’ll also be able to order from your table for dine in restaurants and pay online via our new system. 

Are activities available?

We’re running many of our usual activities, although we’ve reduced the number of guests per session to make sure we can maintain social distancing and still deliver a fun experience.

A full list of these available activities will be available on our website no later than one week before your arrival date.

Are cycles available?

Yes, you can book your cycle via your Center Parcs account.

How can I book activities?

Activities and restaurants will be available to book around one week prior to your break, we’ll email to let you know when you can start booking. The only place you’ll be able to book activities is online via your Center Parcs account.

To keep contact to a minimum we won’t be accepting activity or takeaway bookings face to face on village.

Will ParcMarket and other shops be open?

ParcMarket and Treats will be open initially and you can expect to see the same social distancing rules you will have experienced on your local high street.

Our other retail shops will start to open towards the end of July.

Cancellation of some extra services

We can no longer provide some of the extra services that you may have purchased, such as Early Arrival to your lodge (access to all lodges will be 4pm), Breakfast Pass, Continental Breakfast, English Breakfast Pack, Champagne, Flowers, Fruit Basket, Indulgence Pack, Children’s Birthday Pack, Celebration Pack and Maid Service. If you have purchased one or more of these services, this will automatically be cancelled and fully refunded.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more details, including some videos to show how things will work when we reopen. We hope these measures will provide you with some peace of mind and we look forward to welcoming you back to the forest.

I was on an earlier break and I’m still waiting for a refund

Almost all refunds for breaks impacted by the closure period are now complete. If you are waiting to hear from us please send us an email via the ‘contact us’ page on our website and we’ll take a look.

I’m still waiting for my activities, restaurants and/or Aqua Sana bookings to be refunded

We have a new online refund solution for activity, restaurant and spa reservations. We’re currently working to refund guests with activities up to 25th May. If you have activity, restaurant and spa reservations on or before 25th May and you’re waiting for a refund you will receive an email by the end of June. Please keep an eye on your inbox and follow the instructions to receive your refund. The email will be from refund@centerparcs.co.uk.

Once the above refunds are complete we will contact guests with activity, restaurant and spa booking from 26th May onwards.

The new online refund process will work for most guests but if you don’t receive an email our team will contact you soon to process your refund.

Can I contact you?

We have a team working to process cancellations and changes during the closure period and help guests to prepare for their breaks. The team can be contacted via social media channels and email.

Our Contact Centre is currently closed for inbound calls whilst we focus on our guests impacted by the closure period and support our first returning guests over digital channels.

My balance is due

As we all continue to adapt and react to the changing circumstances we’ve decided to reduce the final balance payment date to 2 weeks prior to arrival for all breaks up to 13th August, 5 weeks for breaks from 14th August until 17th September. All other break dates for all villages remain at the usual 10 weeks.


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