Ryanair Calls On Minister Ryan To Add Canary Islands And Greek Islands To Ireland’s Non-Existent Green List


Ryanair, Ireland’s largest airline, today (Wed 28th Oct) called on Transport Minister Eamon Ryan to take immediate action to preserve Ireland’s connectivity with the rest of Europe.

Minister Ryan has failed to implement any of the Aviation Taskforce recommendations, which were submitted to his Department on 7th July last, over 3½  months ago. Even when the EU “Traffic Light” Travel System was introduced on 14th Oct last, Minister Ryan has still taken no action, leaving Irish citizens none the wiser as to where they can fly or when.

At the same time, the UK and Germany have responded to improving Covid rates in the Canary Islands and the Greek Islands, by adding both of them to their Green Lists. Ryanair calls on Minister Ryan to immediately do the same and allow for the regionalisation of Ireland’s Green List as per the EU “Traffic Light” Travel System.

A Spokesperson for Ryanair said:

“It’s about time Minister Ryan actually took some action about preserving Irish air transport. Ireland is an island on the periphery of Europe, yet we have been cut off by NPHET’s mismanagement of air travel, and a Green List comprising of zero countries. The EU “Traffic Light” Travel System allows for regionalisation, and under these measures, travel to and from the Canary Islands and the Greek Islands should now be permitted without any defective Covid quarantines. 

We also call on Minister Ryan to urgently implement pre-travel testing so that Irish citizens can return to unrestricted air travel to and from regions of Europe that are either ‘green’ or ‘amber’ on the EU “Traffic Light” Travel System. It is ridiculous that Irish citizens can travel to Belfast and fly to the Canary Islands or the Greek Islands without restriction, but cannot do so from Dublin because of Minister Ryan’s failure and inaction.”


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