Ryanair Flying High In July   Over 1,000 Daily Low Fare Flights Across Europe


Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (Wed 1st July) celebrated its return to flying with over 1,000 daily flights all across Europe, to get European tourism moving again. This is great news for millions of Ryanair guests who are snapping up low fare holidays in July & Aug, and also for thousands of Ryanair crew members, and our airport support teams, who are returning to work after the 3½ month Covid-19 shutdown. Ryanair will operate over 1,000 daily flights across 200 European airports, restoring almost 90% of its pre-Covid-19 route network, albeit with lower frequencies and lower fares.

In line with the recommendations of EASA and the ECDC, Ryanair has introduced new health measures for both our crews and our passengers, which will minimise the risk of Covid-19 on all Ryanair flights. These include mandatory face masks/coverings, fewer check bags, cashless inflight services, and improved hygiene procedures.

To celebrate today’s return to flying, Ryanair is releasing 500,000 seats on sale from just €19.99 one way for travel in late Aug & Sept. These fares are the lowest ever offered by Ryanair during the peak summer months, and customers looking to snap up holiday bargains should book these low fare seats on the www.Ryanair.com website until midnight Fri 3 July.

Ryanair Group’s CEO Michael O’Leary said:

“We have been back flying approx. 250 flights daily for the last 10 days of June to bring our aircraft, our crews and our maintenance teams back into service. Starting today, we are operating 1,000 daily flights across our entire European network, which is approx. 40% of our normal July capacity. We expect in July to carry more than 4.5 million customers, many of them families taking well earned Mediterranean holidays after the severe challenges of the Covid-19 lockdown, home schooling, etc.

These 1,000 daily flights mark an important turning point for Ryanair and for the tourism industry of Europe, which supports so many jobs and small businesses. We, together with our airport partners, are following the health guidelines of EASA and ECDC to ensure that our customers and their families can travel safely while minimising the risk of Covid-19.

We welcome this week’s decision by the UK Government to replace its failed “form filling” quarantine with air bridges to most of Europe. We also call on the Irish Government to scrap its equally useless form filling exercise at airports, which does not deliver any quarantine benefit whatsoever, particularly when there is very little follow up and no control on the accuracy of the implementation of these forms. Ireland’s tourism industry, which supports 100,000 jobs, in July and Aug is heavily dependent on welcoming UK and European visitors, and this useless form filling will deter visitors, and damage Irish tourism and jobs.

It’s time for Europe to go back flying again, it’s time to reboot Europe’s tourism industry, and Ryanair is proud to lead this initiative with over 1,000 daily flights at fares, for travel in July & Aug, that start from just €19.99 one way.”


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