Tourism Ireland teams up with top German tour operator to highlight the island of Ireland.


29 Oct 2019

Tourism Ireland is partnering with a top German tour operator, called TUI Wolters Reisen, to promote the island of Ireland to potential German holidaymakers this autumn. A brochure, titled Irland Erleben (meaning ‘Experience Ireland’), has been distributed to around 35,000 TUI Wolters’ clients around Germany. 

The brochure profiles some of the many things to see and do here and tells readers about our “coasts, magical forests, beautiful valleys and mysterious islands”. It also showcases our hiking experiences, vibrant towns and cities, as well as TUI Wolters’ various package holidays for Ireland. 

“We were delighted to partner with TUI Wolters Reisen, to highlight the island of Ireland to prospective holidaymakers in Germany,” said Peter Nash, Tourism Ireland’s Manager for Central Europe. “In 2018, we welcomed 784,000 German visitors to the island of Ireland. Tourism Ireland has an extensive programme of promotions under way throughout 2019, to continue to grow German visitor numbers and, in particular, to encourage more German holidaymakers to explore our regions and less-visited attractions, during the shoulder and off-season months. Co-operative campaigns with partners, like this one with TUI Wolters Reisen, are an important element of that programme.”

Germany is the third-largest source of visitors to the island of Ireland and one of the largest outbound travel markets in the world.


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