ZEUS Scooters Goes Greener


Irish Micro Mobility Start-Up, ZEUS Scooters, a double finalist in this year’s Green Awards, announced today a European Collaboration Partnership with GreenLog Mobility GmbH Germany.
The new partnership further evolves ZEUS Scooters’ Green Credentials in the industry and will see the introduction of a new fleet of electric cars, vans, bikes and cargo bikes into its operations to service its e-scooter fleets across Germany and Sweden. In addition, the charging of ZEUS Scooters’ swappable and recyclable batteries will be fully completed through renewable energy sources.

ZEUS Scooters is the fastest growing micro-mobility company in Germany and has expanded into 25 locations since its initial launch less than one year ago. It is also poised to launch in Sweden in June 2021 with GreenLog Mobility. In total, ZEUS Scooters has a fleet of 3000 scooters across all locations.

Speaking at the announcement of the new partnership, Damian Young CEO and Founder of ZEUS Scooters said “We are thrilled to be partnering with GreenLog Mobility in this exciting market. We strive every day to make our services more accessible, more environmentally sustainable and contribute to a better, safer and greener experience for all. Our partnership with GreenLog Mobility will help to achieve this in a meaningful and eco-friendly way”

GreenLog Mobility provides 100% climate neutral logistics and shared mobility solutions. With its fleet of electric cargo bikes, cars and vans as well as its carbon neutral charging infrastructure, GreenLog Mobility provides end to end environmentally sustainable solutions to e-scooter operations. Speaking about the new partnership with ZEUS Scooters, CEO and Founder of GreenLog Mobility Ali El-Ali said “we are delighted to commence this partnership with ZEUS Scooters across 9 cities and we look forward to expanding further over this year. Our approach, values and ethos are aligned with ZEUS Scooters and we will ensure that, together, we can be sure that ZEUS Scooter users are using the most efficient and eco-friendly option in the market”

The partnership will commence in Germany and expand across Germany and into new markets in 2021, with 10 new locations expected.

ZEUS Scooters has also confirmed that it is a shortlisted finalist for TWO Green Awards 2021 – Green Transport Award and the Green Small Organisation of the Year. The nominations in these categories are in recognition of ZEUS Scooters’ approach to environmental initiatives across its whole supply chain. The awards are due to be held on 17th June 2021, exactly one year since the initial launch of ZEUS in Heidelberg, Germany. Damian Young commented “we set out to make a difference and our unique brand of e-scooter in addition to our commitment to green initiatives and being truly carbon neutral are testament to the progress we have made in one year. We are proud and honoured to be shortlisted for these awards as we continue our quest to being a leader in eco-friendly means of micro mobility”


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