A Profile of Ireland’s Border Population.

  • There were 128,106 people in Ireland who lived a short driving distance (less than 10km) from an official border crossing-point into Northern Ireland in 2016, representing 2.7% of the total population
  • About 2,300 people lived less than 500 metres from a border crossing, while 14,205 lived within 2km, equivalent to a half-hour walking distance
  • The largest number of people within 10km of a border crossing to Northern Ireland was in Louth (41,972), followed by Monaghan (39,485) and Donegal (34,160)
  • There were 7,037 people living in Ireland in 2016 who commuted into Northern Ireland for work, and over half of these (3,638) lived within 10km of a border crossing
  • Closer to the border there was a higher vacancy rate, with 15.7% of dwellings vacant within 2km of a border crossing. In contrast, the vacancy rate across the State in 2016 was 9.4%
  • Around 30% of homes within 10km of Northern Ireland were built since 2001.

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The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today (17 December 2019), published ‘A Profile of Ireland’s Border Population’. The report includes population and housing characteristics from the 2011 and 2016 censuses of those who live a short driving distance (less than 10km) from Northern Ireland.

Commenting on the report, Dermot Corcoran, Statistician, said: “On 27 November, the CSO released a publication titled “Measuring Distance to Everyday Services in Ireland which measured how close or far away people in Ireland lived from everyday facilities (such as schools, hospitals, public transport and post offices). We are now publishing a report which examines the proximity of residential dwellings and towns to the official border crossings into Northern Ireland.

The results show the closest town or village to Northern Ireland is Pettigo in Donegal where the average distance to the border from each dwelling in the settlement is 423 metres, followed by Kildrum, Donegal (526 metres), Blacklion, Cavan (540 metres) and Muff, Donegal (934 metres).


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