Google revealed as the most diverse and inclusive workplace according to Gen Z engineering students.

  • New Diversity and Inclusion Index reveals that Google, Ericsson and Facebook rank as leading companies in diversity and inclusion for Gen Z engineering students
  • Domestic companies including RTÉ, Irish Rail, Ryanair, the Irish Aviation Authority, Irish Distillers and Aer Lingus, were among the top 40 diverse and inclusive companies listed
  • Diversity is no longer defined by gender or race. It encompasses personality traits, socio economic backgrounds, nationality, work experience and education.
  • GM: “Workplace messaging around culture, diversity and inclusion is becoming increasingly important as it represents a work environment that fosters inclusivity and equality. As a result, companies must recognise that diversity and inclusion is a business initiative and not just a ‘nice to have’.”

As diversity and inclusion becomes one of the most prominent topics on businesses’ agendas, new research reveals that Google is perceived as the most inclusive and diverse employer in Ireland, according to Irish engineering students.

The Diversity and Inclusion Index comes as part of a strategic partnership between global employer branding company, Universum, and leading Irish online recruitment website,, which was developed to provide advice, auditing and training in employer branding for Irish companies.

Measuring workplace diversity and inclusion

The research conducted across a sample of 1,969 Irish Engineering/IT students, from a total of 247,000 students worldwide, details which companies are perceived as the most inclusive and diverse workplaces in Ireland.

The index takes into consideration what students describe as key elements that define diversity and inclusion, and measures how strongly each company is associated with commitment to diversity and inclusion, support for gender equality and respect towards their employees. 

According to the results, the top ten companies which are perceived as the most inclusive and diverse amongst Gen Z engineering students in Ireland include:

  1. Google
  2. Ericsson
  3. Facebook
  4. Nike
  5. Intel
  6. Oracle
  7. Cisco Systems
  8. Microsoft
  9. Amazon
  10. Accenture

The highest scoring Irish companies emerging from the survey were RTÉ (20), Irish Rail (34), Ryanair (35), the Irish Aviation Authority (36), Irish Distillers (37) and Aer Lingus (40).

Defining diversity and inclusion

As a concept that can incorporate a number of different meanings, diversity and inclusion, can be difficult to understand. However, the research reveals that there has been a clear shift in the global perception of this topic.  This shift has seen the definition of diversity expanded beyond the traditional pillars of gender and race to reflect a broader spectrum of factors.   

Regardless of the country and regions across the globe, 93% of Gen Z talent define diversity and inclusion within the workplace as cultural diversity, above age, ethnicity or gender. In other words, diversity and inclusion is not often seen as a visible trait, but rather associated with invisible factors. Those surveyed, describe cultural diversity as personality traits, followed by socio economic backgrounds, nationality, work experience and education.

Commenting on the results, General Manager of, Orla Moran said:

“Diversity and inclusion is a concept that employers have been working to understand for some time now, and while many organisations have been proactive in implementing various strategies that drive this internally, it is important that businesses take the time to ensure that their efforts are meaningful and not viewed as a tick the box exercise.

“As the research suggests, the meaning of workplace diversity and inclusion stretches far beyond having equal gender representation, rather it is viewed as a working environment that also fosters traits such as personality, socio-economic backgrounds, nationally, work experience and education.

“Having a diverse and inclusive work environment, is an important factor for students when choosing a place of work, so by demonstrating a true commitment to diversity and inclusion, organisations can best position themselves to attract and retain upcoming talent.”


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