Over 250 Irish Businesses Sign Up To The Doorstep Market During Covid-19 Lockdown


Over 250 small independent Irish businesses are now selling their products on The Doorstep Market website. That’s according to Joe O’Connor and Grace Tallon who set up the website at the start of the pandemic.

The pair founded the website as a volunteer initiative because they were concerned small businesses would be badly affected by the lockdown measures. The website has created a one stop shop for people to shop local while complying with the public health restrictions by staying at home.

Commenting today, co-founder of The Doorstep Market Joe O’Connor said: “We’re very encouraged by the response we’ve received from Irish businesses and consumers. With over 250 stores registered offering more than 750 products so far, and more coming on stream each day, The Doorstep Market offers Irish people a unique way to shop local and support Irish business from the comfort and safety of their own homes.”

Also commenting today, co-founder of The Doorstep Market Grace Tallon said: “We have seen some really lovely examples of people using the site to buy innovative gifts for their family and friends who they can’t visit in person. Whether it’s in Dingle or Donegal, Kinsale or Kinvara, Irish people can avail of our online shopping experience to buy products from their favourite producers, shops and artists anywhere in the country.”

Tom Cropp who runs artisan cheese store Corleggy Cheeses in Cavan and is listed on The Doorstep Market added: “Our main outlet for sales is direct to customers at farmers’ markets. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions this has completely stopped for us so we have now been looking at other ways to sell our product direct to customers. The Doorstep Market is allowing us to leave treat boxes at the front door. It’s exciting for us to use new technology to directly reach customers and stay in touch until markets are allowed again.”

The Doorstep Market is encouraging more small independent Irish businesses to get in touch to find out how they can sell their products on the website. For more information visit https://www.thedoorstepmarket.ie/store-setup/

The co-founders of The Doorstep Market Joe O’Connor and Grace Tallon are available for interview / comment.


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