Retail Hits Out at 12% Increase In Shoplifting and Calls For Review .


Commenting on the 12% increase in shoplifting in Belfast, Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“Sadly this increase of 12% in shoplifting comes as no surprise to many of our members in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland”

“Shoplifting is not a victimless crime – it has a direct impact on our members’ profit margins”

“This is becoming a huge and unacceptable financial burden for independent retailers in every town and city in Northern Ireland who are already paying the highest business rates in the UK”

“For many of our members, staff who challenge these shoplifters have been subjected to threats and on occasion violence. No staff member should have to tolerate such abuse”

“We also appreciate the pressures that the PSNI are under with reduced budgets and numbers of officers patrolling town and city centres”

“Retail NI wants to see an incoming Justice Minister urgently review the law when it comes to shoplifting. The current policy of a fixed penalty notice of £80 for offenders up to the value of £100 shoplifting is clearly not working” 

Glyn Roberts 07515710517


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